Holy Whole Foods (and my first entry!)

If you know me, you know that I have an unhealthy obsessions with Whole Foods.  You also would know then that I have been waiting for Whole Foods Foggy Bottom to open for an entire year. I was finally relieved when they held their grand opening on September 6th.  Though I had gone to Whole Foods Foggy Bottom two or three times previously to my excursion this weekend, this was the penultimate food journey, culminating in about 2 hours of shopping and a lot of sighs of exasperation from the BF, who kindly accompanied me.

In my quest to eat better food and save money, I have begun to try to cook in my dorm room, and I had found an amazing recipe for a Picadillo Arepa that I needed to try.  So I bought the ingredients and got to work.  I think it turned out really well and I am excited to be on this new journey of cooking and baking more often and sharing the results with you all!

The onions, beef, garlic, and olive oil sautéing in the pan.

This is the finished product after 20 minutes or so in the oven.

My hard work plated and ready to eat.


6 thoughts on “Holy Whole Foods (and my first entry!)

  1. that looks delicious. I know there are tons of blogs out there specifically for whole foods-only recipes. you should check some of them out for upcoming blog posts!

  2. I share your whole foods obsession — am SO happy it’s in my life now. Sushi bar, pizza bar, burger bar, noodle bar? Yeah, good stuff.

  3. Scott Backer says:

    I find it absolutely amazing how obsessed GW became with Whole Foods. I am not just saying the students, I mean the administration as well. If I get one more Whole Foods related email or tweet I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. However, you dish looks awesome!

  4. Leslarz says:

    I love cooking and am so glad we finally have Whole Foods! I went the day after it opened and noticed a college aged guy walking around just saying over and over “This is so exciting! What a glorious day!” I agree.

  5. Josh Fox says:

    I love Whole Foods too! Having a REAL grocery store right on campus is possibly the greatest thing ever. If only it could have been here all four years (not just my senior year).

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