Komi oh my

So, as some of you may know, my birthday was September 12th.  And as such, the bf took me to dinner at Komi, a restaurant known for its popularity and how difficult it is to get a reservation there.  In fact, he told me he called 62 times on one day until they finally picked up and reserved a table.  Since I’m a delusional female, I’ll tell myself that was because he wanted to make my birthday extra special, but in reality I think he just really wanted to go there and he used my birthday as an excuse to make his dream come true…but I digress.


So, the day finally came on Friday to go to the restaurant.  Our reservation was set for 6pm.  Succumbing to my desires to be self-indulgent, I rented a Herve Leger Duplicity Contrast Dress from Rent the Runway.  As a side note, if you like nice dresses but also like not spending a lot of money, you should become a member right now.  It’s amazing.

Anyways, our reservation was set for 6pm but the only problem was that I had to work until 6pm, and had to make a quick change from my work clothes to my evening dress and get to the restaurant all within their 15-minute reservation grace period.  This is fairly common for me, as I overbook and overcommit myself regularly.  My workday ended and I quickly changed in one of the bathrooms in the Senate Hart Office building and ran outside to greet the boy, who had been patiently waiting for 20 minutes (whoops).  We quickly hailed a cab in which I finished zipping up my dress and made it to the restaurant at the last second.  Phew…


Upon entering Komi, I was amazed at how casual it was for a dinner with such a high price tag, but it was comforting and elegant in a rustic, homey way.  We began with a series of small amuse bouches tasting plates, my favorite of which were a series of three different types of scallops pictured here:


I thought the presentation of within a big shell and those funky bent spoons was pretty creative and cool.


Then, we got to the the smaller plates.  These were extremely good.  I think the most creative one was their deconstructed gyro pictured here:


It involved foie gras, and anything that involves foie gras immediately wins me over.


I think the tastiest dish I had though was their mascarpone-filled date sprinkled with sea salt and honey.  The complexity of the flavors melted together so well in your mouth it was unbelievable.  Unbelievable.


The main course was grilled lamb right-off-the-bone, prepared in the classic Greek style.  It was served with pita and a whole host of condiments you could mix and match and make your own creation with.  This allowed for some playing with your food…even though Mom always told you not to do that.


Next was dessert, which included a little gift from the chef himself:


In that box were cardamom filled chocolates that tasted just like a chai tea latte.


And finally, they left you with orange and cardamom lollipops that I ate all the way until we got to…you guessed it…Whole Foods…to pick some stuff up for later that night.  Excellent.


11 thoughts on “Komi oh my

  1. Krisna says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I have been trying to get a reservation here for ages as well. Now I am even more inclined to go after looking at your great food photography. Did you try the drinks there? I heard they are amazing..

  2. Alex says:

    Should NOT have read this before lunchtime. I’ve actually never heard of this place, I must be so far out of the DC cuisine loop.

  3. nikki.usher@gmail.com says:

    OMG that sounds so delicious. And Happy Birthday 🙂 what a menu. And anything with Fois Gras is completely my favorite thing. They are banning it in CA, I think, which is the wrongest thing ever. And btw, my friend started Rent the Runway. No Joke. Well, I worked with her on my college newspaper… very pleased with how it’s taken off…

  4. I HAVE to eat at Komi before I graduate! I have been saying I want to go since I came to GW- great post and hope you had a great Birthday!

  5. Sarah Josephs says:

    That all sounds really good, and definitely like a birthday well spent. I was a little worried at first when you walked in and probably wondered if it was actually going to be all that it’s been hyped up to be, and I’m glad you were happily surprised.
    Definitely a place to consider going to myself.

  6. im.so.jealous. haha, i want to go there reallll bad. also, cute dress. sounds like a great birthday!

  7. Emmy's Eats says:

    Nom, nom. Sounds delicious. I’d love to see the pictures flipped right side up (I look a little funny here at Gelman twisting my head about…I think I’m frightening a freshman boy).

  8. Nicole M. says:

    Komi is definitely one of my “things to do before I graduate” places! So jealous that you got to go! Excluding the fact that you were on a birthday dinner date, which made it much more special, do you think it’s worth it to go just with a friend for no special occasion for the price?

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