The Pumpkin King

I was browsing recipes online and happened across a recipe for orange pumpkin cloverleafs.  As the weather is getting cooler, I find myself jumping into fall and all things pumpkin.  This particular recipe caught my eye.  I decided on a whim to make them.  I headed to Whole Foods to go pick up some remaining ingredients.  iPhone in hand, I called up the recipe on Safari and looked around for the items.

However, much to my surprise, they were not yet carrying canned pumpkin puree yet.  I quickly looked up alternatives to canned pumpkin and found a forum that provided directions on how to make puree out of a whole pumpkin.  So I went outside of Whole Foods, picked up a pumpkin, brought it home to my room and carved it.  My roommates thought it was hilarious when they saw me chopping away at this whole pumpkin.

The pumpkin

The method calls for you to cut the pumpkin into chunks, wrap it in foil, and bake it until the meat softens and separates from the skin.  I did just that but added some maple syrup, brown sugar, and some cinnamon and nutmeg for it to be flavored with.

Heading into the oven

Then I blended it all up, and in the end it looked just like this:

Like the canned stuff, but better

From there, I followed the recipe as written on the website.

Make sure you have plenty of time to bake this as you must let the dough rise at two different times!

My favorite part was creating the shape of the bread.  To get the cloverleaf shape, you need to roll the dough into three separate balls and then place them around each other in a muffin baking pan.

I loved making this, and I think my roommates enjoyed eating them too.  So much so that they made me deliver some to them while they were studying in South Hall’s study lounge downstairs.

The finished product en route to being delivered to hungry roommates

PS- I also toasted the pumpkin seeds.  I just covered them in melted butter that had some brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt in it.  Here is another idea for a pumpkin seed recipe if you’re looking to be a little daring.

The pumpkin seeds


7 thoughts on “The Pumpkin King

  1. Wow a whole pumpkin, great effort. I’m impressed. They started serving pumpkin gnocchi at a place I work and I was soooo excited, right there with you

  2. agaylinn89 says:

    You live down the hall from me and you didn’t drop some off?? I knew something smelt good the other day 🙂

  3. EBerry says:

    Pumpkin seeds are the best! At home, we always buy pumpkins around this time of year and my mom will make the filling for pumpkin pie. Half of our refrigerator is filled with it from October to December!

  4. dude. you are crazy! that is insane. How do you manage to fit all of this in to your busy life? Do you cater?

  5. looks delicious. and indeed, you are showing your power with your iPhone in whole foods.

  6. Leslarz says:

    Wow so ambitious starting straight up from the pumpkin. I loveee eating pumpkin foods and the seeds in the fall and winter. I might have to try out this recipe.

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