Blondies Have More Fun

Sitting in the middle of the 4th floor of Gelman during a study session with one of my roommates, I decided to make blondies.  They are always my go-to, feel-good thing to bake and since this past week has been pretty long and tough, it felt like just the right thing to make.


We went back to the room and used a hodge podge of a bunch of ingredients we all had bought for our room.  In the middle of it though, we realized we had baking powder and not baking soda and the recipe calls for both.  Feeling too lazy to run across the street to FoBoGro, our handy neighborhood grocery to buy any, we decided that baking soda wasn’t that vital to the recipe because it says you only need 1/8 of a teaspoon.  We kind of just thought baking soda and baking powder, which we had, were kinda the same.  Can’t make much of a difference, right? (Does anyone know the answer?)

The blondies, all finished.

The blondies turned out all right, not amazing.  I think my heart just wasn’t in making them after all and my head was in a million different places during this week filled of midterms and projects and papers.  Or it could be that the baking soda was just that important.


4 thoughts on “Blondies Have More Fun

  1. so let me get this… you were studying, and then you left to cook — procrastination? just kidding… so were your cookies hard and flat, like the link suggests?

  2. Alec says:

    They look yummy if nothing else! Feel free to bring any leftovers to class on Monday!

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