Want some fries with that shake?


Burger, Tap & Shake


I have been waiting for forever for the restaurants to open at Square 54. So, I was really excited when I finally got to go to Burger, Tap, and Shake with my friend on Saturday.

To start off, I was a little disappointed because I thought there were beer taps at the tables. This is what I had read on a local blog. But this was not the case. O well.

However, the food was de-lish. My friend had told me he did not enjoy it when he went, but I have to disagree with him. I got the southern comfort burger, which was awesome. It had fried pickles and fried green tomatoes. Yes!

And don’t forget about shakes! I got the BTS shake because the cashier told me it was the best one in the restaurant. It was incredible…just tons of candy bits everywhere. (Image c/o BTS)

My friend and I had a good time there for some quick grub. It’s easy, fast, and tasty. I would def recommend it! On my way, I scoped the new place next to it–District Commons which looks amazing!


7 thoughts on “Want some fries with that shake?

  1. Emmy's Eats says:

    Pictures?? I want to see this milkshake!

  2. EBerry says:

    I have been wanting to try BTS, but I have heard mixed reviews.

  3. Josh Fox says:

    Looks really good. I’ve been meaning to try it but I haven’t gotten to go yet.

  4. is this the new place right around campus? Stoked!

  5. mmmm friend pickles. nice. im excited to try this place too – looks good

  6. Krisna says:

    Friend green tomatoes?? I’m intrigued…

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