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You say pecan, I say pie.

I returned from a long, hectic Thanksgiving break to an empty room.  My roommates and friends were all still traveling.  What was I to do?

It about 6:00pm on Sunday night, and I was full of holiday cheer… and my fridge, with some eggs that were about go bad soon.

So, I looked in my cupboard and found a bag of pecans.

Pecan pie it was.  The only thing I needed was some brown sugar, so I went across the street to FoBoGro.

I added two extra special ingredients: some olive oil and lavender vanilla sugar I bought over break to the crust.  The olive oil made the crust extra gooey and moist, maybe something to try when you bake next time!

Everyone seemed to love the finished result and it was a nice tide-over until my pad thai was delivered.


The end result:



Here’s to the beginning of a whole season of holiday baking!




Peanut Butter Gooey-ness

I decided to bake this recipe of peanut butter oatmeal pecan cookies and share them with my friends.  I did this in hopes of trying to clear out a little bit of my ingredients before I left for Thanksgiving.


They ended up actually very tasty, and they were gone in a matter of minutes!


Take a look at the finished product:










As an added bonus, my roommate made these:


Not so healthy, but so tasty

So as I said in an earlier post, my friends and I gather on Wednesdays at 10 to watch American Horror Story and it’s become sort of a “thing” that I bake for it.  Last week I made a chocolate caramel tart to bring upstairs as we watched.

This tart was particularly fun to make because:

1)you get to make chocolate dough

2)you get to make your own caramel, so you literally get to watch 2 cups of sugar melt

3)you get to make your own chocolate sauce with fleur de sel, creating this epic salty/sweet combo.

Here’s how it turned out (the pic makes it look a little weird and blurry):

Everyone seems to like it who has tried it so far! I would definitely recommend it as a recipe, but note that it contains 2 sticks of butter and 2 cups of sugar…so definitely not the healthiest thing I’ve ever made!

Hello, pumpkin

I still had leftover pumpkin puree in my fridge from when I bought that whole pumpkin!  So I decided to make some of my friends’ favorite–pumpkin pie and bring it up to their room for when we watched American Horror Story.

This was a caramel pumpkin pie, in which you brown some sugar in a saucepan to make your own caramel which is a fun process.  As per usual, I made my own pie crust, a recipe for which is in the pie recipe link.  Simply put, I do not use store-bought!

I will say that I was way too lazy to go the 3 blocks to Whole Foods to get heavy cream, so I just went to Fo Bo Gro across the street and used whipped cream as a substitution instead (whoops) …and to garnish with!  It seemed to have worked just as well as regular liquid cream.

Take a look at the results:

My friends really enjoyed the pumpkin pie, and my roommate said it was the best she’s ever had.  Well, gee, thanks!

Would you care for a gougere?

It was Halloween, so I decided to make a little something with my leftover pumpkin.  
Enter this recipe for pumpkin sage gougeres.  Gougeres, as I tried to describe them to my confused roommates, are kind of the like the puffy cream puff outer shells that envelop the cream.  This is otherwise known as a pate a choux.
This is made by combining flour butter and eggs over heat and baking the dough.  The dough should look like this pre-baking:

Then the pumpkin puree and sage is added.

The idea is for the gougeres to be piped out with a pastry bag and formed into perfect round balls so that they come out puffy and globular.  However, I left my piping supplies at home, so I spooned them out.
This did not achieve the same effect, as they came out looking like this:

Next time I need to use my piping supplies.  But! They still tasted pretty good.