You say pecan, I say pie.

I returned from a long, hectic Thanksgiving break to an empty room.  My roommates and friends were all still traveling.  What was I to do?

It about 6:00pm on Sunday night, and I was full of holiday cheer… and my fridge, with some eggs that were about go bad soon.

So, I looked in my cupboard and found a bag of pecans.

Pecan pie it was.  The only thing I needed was some brown sugar, so I went across the street to FoBoGro.

I added two extra special ingredients: some olive oil and lavender vanilla sugar I bought over break to the crust.  The olive oil made the crust extra gooey and moist, maybe something to try when you bake next time!

Everyone seemed to love the finished result and it was a nice tide-over until my pad thai was delivered.


The end result:



Here’s to the beginning of a whole season of holiday baking!




4 thoughts on “You say pecan, I say pie.

  1. I wish I had roommates who just make pie randomly…haha. looks yum

  2. Alec says:

    Wow I really like the idea of adding olive oil and lavendar vanilla sugar… I never would have thought of that.

  3. EBerry says:

    yum! My mom finally let me help her with making her pecan pie this year.

  4. scottbacker says:

    Do you make your pie from a recipe or do you have the basic idea of how to make it in your head?

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